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No one is going to look after your future except you

Since the Credit Crunch in late 2007, money market profits have suffered and pension fund performances have wavered, casting a gloomy outlook on retirement income for thousands of people. However, as property continues to deliver positive capital growth over time, you can use this powerful vehicle to create wealth for your financial future.

Property consistently performs well long term

The property market generally has never lost money over a thirty year span. Long term investing is relatively safe and has solid returns. The resilience of property investment is underpinned by the basic principle that people need homes, regardless of the state of the economy. As a result, you can generate monthly cash flow from your tenants’ rent while your property increases in value over time.

The wealthy continually invest in real estate

A great proportion of high net-worth individuals in The Times and Forbes Rich Lists have real estate as a major part of their holdings. They have leveraged their property portfolios to build vast fortunes. Take hold of the opportunity to do likewise and invest for the medium to long term to grow your assets.

Menvo can help you to succeed in property

Menvo Limited is an international property investment company with a wealth of experience in acquiring below market value properties in the USA and UK. We work hard to help you build a property investment portfolio that will meet your needs and provide for your financial future. Many of our clients have created financial freedom and choice in their lives with profitable property portfolios we have helped them build.

Build your property portfolio hands-free

We work closely with major US and UK banks in the sale of repossessed properties. This means that we always have a selection of properties to suit your pocket and investment criteria.You may choose to use our complete end-to-end service, designed for armchair investors to build a property portfolio completely hands-free. This includes renovating, managing and getting tenants into your property while you enjoy the rental income paid straight into your bank account.

Now is a good time to invest in property

It is always recommended to start property investing straight away. Waiting for the perfect moment never happens as there is always a reason to procrastinate. Momentum and the power of compounding always work in the favour of those who take action imminently

Reasons for investing in property

  • Financial independence – through astute management of your investment properties 
  • Leverage – using capital growth in your property portfolio to raise finance in the future
  • Property developing – buy, refurb and sell for profit
  • Retirement income – from net cash flow and capital growth
  • Legacy planning – for children and grandchildren
  • To pay for children’s university fees from equity profits
  • Buying property as university accommodation for children as opposed to renting
  • Holiday homes – for rental income and personal use

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